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On remote work and women in IT with Anna Chiara Bellini

This episode is a treat! We had the pleasure to talk to Anna Chiara Bellini, a remarkable individual with a very long job title :) She’s Director of Engineering Team Lead at Toptal and also Scholarship Program Lead. Starting with the ever-interesting topic of being a digital nomad, err…working remote, through some serious motivational moments, […]

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Digital Nomads, a talk with Predrag Gajić from Toptal

When you mention the term “digital nomad” a lot of people would simply visualise a half-naked software engineer sitting on a beach and working on his ultrabook. Off course there’s more to it than that and not everyone can do it. Our own Tihomir Opačić interviews Predrag Gajić from Toptal about modern day nomads from […]

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